5 Top Global Talent Mobility Learnings of 2018 by InterNations Business Solutions

For us a must read about the key global mobility and international talent acquisition learnings of 2018 by the InterNations Business Solutions Consulting Team, link: https://business.internations.org/insights/5-top-global-talent-mobility-learnings-of-2018
PS:  Follow this link to download the full report of the Expat Insider 2018  Business Edition survey report, published by InterNations Business Solutions (pdf).

“Fab article summing up the key enabler for successful expat assignments:
…The adjustment process for the spouses of foreign assignees can be incredibly challenging as they are left to navigate the uncharted waters of their new home. Having access to a social network to adjust to their new life is key. Research has shown that the unhappiness of the spouse can negatively impact the overall happiness of the family unit. Ultimately, employee productivity can be affected and, worst-case, it can lead to assignment failure. Considering the cost that goes into relocation, organizations choosing to support social networking for relocating spouses can expect improved job performance and more successful assignments.”
(Verena Heingärtner, VIE LESA Co-Founder)

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