We are a voice for Expat Partners in Vienna/Austria – together we will be heard! So let’s communicate our challenges, share what we might have gone through, advocate for Dual Career(s)! Get in touch with us!

VIE LESA helps expat partners to re-build their life and *career* in Vienna/Austria.

What do we mean when talking about *career*?
*Career* as defined by VIE LESA is everything that makes you thrive as an expat partner! And for sure something to be proud of!

Who are we reaching out for when talking about “expat spouse(s)”?
We are aiming to help the accompanying partners of expat(s) = person(s) working outside their native country,  in Vienna/Austria, for a certain period of time (assignment), married or unmarried, and their families. And YES we also reach out to male expat partners, divorced expat partners and repat spouses! We believe that we all face similar challenges and by joining forces, get the opportunity to learn from each other and change perspectives in many ways – and not just ours!

FROM expat spouses FOR expat spouses
VIE LESA is set up as a so called “gemeinnütziger Verein”, a non-profit association. Why? Because we (who have all “been there, done that”) think that together with all like-minded expat partners we can tackle the *career* challenges out there – to know better – do better – feel better – live better!


Wondering what the name VIE LESA stands for?
VIE LESA is short for Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association. As such it shares the vision of an UN initiative launched 15 years ago which is brought to life by a number of LESA networks around the globe (e.g. NYLESA). VIE LESA is however open not only to UN spouses, but all accompanying partners in expat assignments to Vienna/Austria.

Why did we get the inspiration for our logo from the Wiener Riesenrad (Vienna`s Giant Ferris Wheel)?
The website of the Wiener Riesenrad reads “If you haven’t once in your lifetime taken a ride on the Giant Ferris Wheel and enjoyed the breathtaking views over the roofs of Vienna, you haven’t really been to Vienna at all.”
Life as an expat spouse can be full of challenges, yes! At the same time, it can also open up a whole new world of exciting opportunities and will change perspectives in many areas. VIE LESA wants to be there for you to enjoy the ride and make your stay in Vienna/Austria an unforgettable one!