About VIE Speak Up

Through our initiative “VIE Speak Up” we want to speak up for Dual Career(s).

VIE LESA is a voice for Expat Partners in Vienna/Austria – do you also want to be? We need your voice to be heard – together we will be heard!

Let’s communicate our challenges, share what we might have gone through, advocate for Dual Career(s) together!

Get in touch with us – share your story with us!

Thinking about how individual each set up and the challenges are, we do not have a standard/template for your story. On the contrary, we are convinced that the diversity will even add to buzz we can create for Dual Career(s) together.

Whether you “just” want to write your story in your own words, whether you prefer to tell it in an interview style or whether you would like to share what you have gone through with the public but keeping your privacy (anonymous), we are happy to take the first step with you.

And we will also reach out to people and stakeholders in Dual Career(s) in Vienna/Austria.

Can’t wait to get started! Reach out to us, drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org!

All stories will be published in our “VIE Speak Up” Blog (click here to open) – by the way we also share and feature relevant studies, infos and advice around Dual Career(s) there – and linked in our Social Media channels such as https://www.facebook.com/vielesa/