VIE Speak Up / Adriana’s story of becoming a Freelancer in Austria

Through VIE LESA’s initiative “VIE Speak Up” we aim to speak up for Dual Career(s) in Vienna. We invite expat partners and stakeholders in Austria and abroad to share their individual challenges, highs and lows, to be able to learn from each other and create a vibrant buzz for the spousal talent out there. Reach out to us, drop us a line to if you also want to contribute.

Today, it is Adriana Liendo’s story. In Adriana’s words.

Adriana Liendo (right) in a meeting with Verena from VIE LESA
Adriana Liendo (right) in a meeting with Verena from VIE LESA

My family and I moved to Vienna end of 2017 when my husband got a new job at the UNO headquarter. Coming here was a huge opportunity for the whole family. Our daughter was 2 years old girl at the time and had never been in a Kindergarten. Back “home” my mom used to take care of her to help us (of course she didn’t speak or understand neither English nor German); and we had a baby boy of 3 weeks who had left his mom with a lack of haemoglobin after his birth and so she was slightly weaker than usual – and yes, that’s me!

So not the easiest grounds to start from, but today – a little bit more than a year later – I’m even more sure, that coming to Vienna was our best decision ever. By origin, we are from Venezuela and if you have read the news about our country lately, I am sure you’ll understand and agree.

Considering that I didn’t speak a word of German and that we arrived here with two small children, we both knew that our best choice was for me to stay home and take care of the kids, at least for a while. But I should mention that I am kind of hyperactive, and it drives me almost crazy not to have a professional challenge. Don’t get me wrong, having a baby and a toddler is – without any doubt – also a challenge and demands a lot of time, but I also felt, needed and wanted to do something else, something for myself! So, after a few months I decided that my best choice was to work as a freelancer, believing that it gives me the freedom to organize my time to be able to do both – taking care of my family and advancing my professional career at the same time.

What have I learned so far from this experience? To start with – it’s okay to be afraid of a big change in our lives, but if well planned with your partner (boyfriend, husband or whoever you share your life with) and supporting each other, each one can succeed in their individual paths. Second that we don’t need to be alone. Although we didn’t know anyone in Vienna at the time, joining and becoming part of some associations, based on my interests, has helped me grow my own network – definitely something I would highly recommend to anyone in a similar situation!

Adriana Liendo is an experienced Freelance Web Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry and an invaluable resource for VIE LESA when it comes to IT questions. Thanks a lot for your great support!

VIE LESA is proud to have had Adriana Liendo as a valuable part of our non-profit association from the beginning. And we are happy to keep you posted on her journey here in Vienna!

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