Emotional Rollercoaster / Instahelp

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Emotional rollercoaster?! Feeling alone or overwhelmed in your new home? The lack of a social network abroad is taking a toll on you?

Life as an expart partner comes with many challenges. But often we do not dare to talk about them and try to deal and overcome them, all by ourselves.

High noon to change that! Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association is happy to announce that Instahelp has created a link especially for Expat Partners (professional, anonymous, data protected) where you can reach out for help during challenging times. Sometimes it only takes one conversation to feel better…

Link: https://instahelp.me/expats/

PS: Those last couple of weeks have been quite crazy for us at VIE LESA. While our co-founder Sandra has just repatriated from Belgium to Upper Austria, our initiator Verena has been offered a great job opportunity in Brussels which she will start in early October.

Expat Partner Career Planning: Hope & Disillusion / Share the Love Blog

Share the Love Blog recently stumbled upon a recent academic paper about Dual-Career Planning in expatriation. The paper “Expatriated dual-career partners: hope and disillusionment” by Agnieszka Kierner illustrates how hope vanishes when career goals are not met during an international assignment.

Click here to deep dive into the paper right away or read Share the Love Blog’s summary and point of view on it – link: http://www.sharethelove.blog/career/dualcareer/

On being a male diplomatic spouse via The Lonely Diplomat

Simon writes in his blog ‘On being a male diplomatic spouse‘ of the challenges that come with it, the loss of identity that men can experience from not being someone with a job, making friends as a male spouse and how the diplomatic community’s attitudes to male spouses have changed – and are changing and have not changed fast enough – over the past decades.

Thank you to The Lonely Diplomat  for having started a conversation about how diplomats, their significant others and families balance this all-consuming job and their wish to be human and have human connections.

Link: https://www.thelonelydiplomat.com/single-post/20190217/Diplomatic-spouses-of-the-world-unite 

Interested in reading more thoughts from a male spouse? Click here to access, link: https://vie-lesa.org/male-spouse