Expat insight: German lessons, language schools and teaching style in Vienna

Blog: Guide on German language schools and teaching style in Vienna – German lessons / An expat insight

There is a galore of German classes available In Vienna, short-term, long-term, intensive language courses, private German lessons, group lessons, you name it, they have it.

Vienna receives a constant influx of foreign students, expats and immigrants (in theory immigrants move to permanently settle in a country, whereas expats do not, but in reality, the line is blurred). Though I do believe it is relatively simple to exist in Vienna without speaking German I definitely recommend learning at least some of the language if you are staying for longer. There are plenty of german lessons in Vienna classes options. This is my experience with German lessons Vienna, what I wished I had known before, what to expect so you can move forward better informed.

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Link: https://mindfulfeet.com/german-lessons-vienna/


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