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VIE LESA is a non-profit association FROM expat spouses FOR expat spouses. We are convinced that everyone who joins will be an invaluable asset and together we will become a network that will rock!

Even if you are not an expat partner yourself, but find value in our work – we appreciate your financial support  through an annual membership.

Joining and/or supporting us is simple, just follow these three steps:

1) Fill out the online form below with your personal details². By submitting it, you agree to become a member of VIE LESA, Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association, a non-profit association from expat spouses for expat spouses helping to re-build your life and *career* in Vienna/Austria. VIE LESA’s statutes can be accessed by clicking on the following pdf-Link:  VIE LESA Statutes DT ENGL_Aug2018 (pdf)

2) We kindly ask you to transfer the annual membership fee (01/2020-12/2020) of EUR 60 to our bank account

IBAN: AT622060200000376251
Reference: VIE LESA annual membership fee 2020, your full name (ideally also date of birth and/or social security number)

3) After receiving your payment, you will get an email confirming your  membership for 2020 (as we are all volunteers there may be some delay – apologies in advance!) and you can start enjoying your benefits (click to see the complete list which is constantly added on to.) 

We are happy to have you on board of VIE LESA!

² VIE LESA values the privacy of its members – please click here to access our Privacy Notice.

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