Global Partners

Moving acress borders to work, learn and volunteer – VIE LESA is proud and happy to be part of a global community who loves to support each other.

Thank you for your wonderful cooperation:

Here we are global is a community of global professionals, who move across borders to work, learn and volunteer. We connect online and offline to design engaging development paths, advance dual Career opportunities and co-create social Impact.

Are you looking for companies led by expat women like you? Network Beyond Borders was created to connect the Expat community with Women Expat Entrepreneurs from around the globe! Community members enjoy exclusive access to business-building tools and a platform to market their businesses on. Click here to join!

Tandem Nomads is an online platform and a podcast show (online radio) designed to help expat partners’ turn their dual career challenges into great opportunities with resources that allow them to grow a successful portable Business.  Link: is an international and multicultural portal which was created in 2004 to assist expatriate women in every stage of their moves abroad.