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Setting up VIE LESA, we found great information and resources,  covering expat (spouse) topics. The list is by no means exhaustive, so please drop us a line to and send us your recommended sites which you feel should be included.  

Tandem Nomads is an online platform and a podcast show (online radio) designed to help expat partners’ turn their dual career challenges into great opportunities with resources that allow them to grow a successful portable business. There are more than 100 episodes to choose from,  which are grouped into 6 themes. Click on the following link to access the.selection:

We also love Amel Derragui‘s research before she started Tandem Nomads, click o access “Why are trailing spouses’ challenges such as big deal”?

Here we are global is a community of global professionals, who move across borders to work, learn and volunteer. We connect online and offline to design engaging development paths, advance dual Career opportunities and co-create social Impact. Link:

Are you an expat woman on assignment or managed to thrive a dual career as couple? Are you interested to learn more about how to raise your energy while living abroad, connecting powerfully to your mission and create the impact you always wanted wherever you live? Download the free 5 Steps Guide: Maximize your energy and impact abroad from
Gertraud Eregger’s website: 

Are you looking for companies led by expat women like you? Network Beyond Borders was created to connect the Expat community with Women Expat Entrepreneurs from around the globe! Community members enjoy exclusive access to business-building tools and a platform to market their businesses on. Click here to join!

Another well curated list of favorite resources that can assist with every stage of a move can be found online on Katia Vlachos’ Website Expat Transition Coach, click here to access:
Katia is also the author of “A Great Move” – highly recommended to survive and thrive in your expat journey, whether you are a first-time expat or experienced one. More about the book can be found online at

The Share-the-love Blog is a platform providing lots of career planning information for the ambitious expat spouse. Kate, an Expat Partner Consultant & Coach, aims to empower expats around the world with a mix of coaching techniques, career advice and insights into global mobility trends. Click here to access a number of free, very helpful ressources: and check out the workbook to find your professional identity abroad as an expat partner, link:

Phil McAuliffe, the Lonely Diplomat.
Photo: Inspired Portraits

Phil McAuliffe has created a site for mid-career diplomats and their significant others to rediscover and reconnect with themselves and the world around them.  Check out the blogs and “The Lounge” online at The Lonely Diplomat, Website:

Thriving abroad

Thriving abroad helps international organizations maximize the potential of, and return from, their global mobility programs by offering expat coaching and training programs. It also offers a free podcast list, featuring a number of expat spouse relevant topics. Click here to access: