Our Mission

VIE LESA is set up to be an association FROM expat spouses FOR expat spouses.

We are thoroughly convinced – and fact and figures strongly support our theory: Every expat partner who relocates to Vienna/Austria will be an invaluable asset with vast experience and hands-on mentality in a number of fields and we want to see these talents thrive!

On the one hand VIE LESA provides a platform for tailored services offered by selected experts- trainings, workshops, coaching and more focusing on *career* guidance for expat partners.

On the other hand we invite our members to engage in various working groups and think-tanks, with one common goal: Speaking up for the needs of expat spouses and making them thrive in Vienna/Austria!

And VIE SPEAK UP! – We want to become the Voice(s) of Expat Partners in Vienna/Austria. Communicate our challenges, share what we might have gone through, advocate for Dual Career! We need your voice to be heard!

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