Partner Network

VIE LESA is building a network of like-minded expat partners and stakeholders supporting our vision and advocating for Dual Career(s) in Vienna/Austria. Do you want to become a part of our network? Just drop us a line to or if you prefer, send us your phone number and we will call you back for a chat asap.

Connect with us “virtually” on Facebook – by liking our page and/or joining our Facebook group

At VIE LESA we believe in win-win partnerships through open discussions, sharing resources and joining forces to speak up for Dual Career(s) together. Do you also want to become a part of VIE Speak Up?

INFOGRAPHIC – will follow shortly

Work in Progress: We also want to build a buddy system over time – “experienced” expat partners supporting newcomers but also locals sharing their “sur place” knowledge and helping out, especially when it come to language barriers. Interested? Drop us a line to