Dual Career in Academia / Interview with Hilde Janssens (IST)

VIE LESA has started its initiative “VIE Speak Up” to tackle the challenges of Dual Career(s) in Vienna. We invite expat partners and stakeholders in Austria and abroad to share their experience(s) and Expertise to create a Vibrant buzz for the spousal talent out there. Interested? Drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org!

This time, we are excited to be talking to Hilde Janssens, Good Practice Officer. She is responsible for Diversity & Inclusion, Gender & Diversity and Family Services at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria, Link: https://ist.ac.at/).  Belgian by origin, Hilde has been living in Austria (country number 7 in her professional career) with her Swiss husband and their two kids (12 and 15 years old) since summer 2015.

showing flags of countries where Hilde lived
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On being a male diplomatic spouse via The Lonely Diplomat

Simon writes in his blog ‘On being a male diplomatic spouse‘ of the challenges that come with it, the loss of identity that men can experience from not being someone with a job, making friends as a male spouse and how the diplomatic community’s attitudes to male spouses have changed – and are changing and have not changed fast enough – over the past decades.

Thank you to The Lonely Diplomat  for having started a conversation about how diplomats, their significant others and families balance this all-consuming job and their wish to be human and have human connections.

Link: https://www.thelonelydiplomat.com/single-post/20190217/Diplomatic-spouses-of-the-world-unite 

Interested in reading more thoughts from a male spouse? Click here to access, link: https://vie-lesa.org/male-spouse

The spoilt expat spouse / Share the Love Blog

Share the Love Blog wondered why it is so hard to change the image of the expat spouse. What can be done to become more recognized as what we are: amazing, brave, solution-orented globe trotters with a wide skillset?

“The definition of a successful career is way outdated and it is time to get rid of some tiring misunderstandings about expat spouses.” 

A beautiful, spot-on opinion piece on Share the Love Blog triggered by the comments below a German newspaper article about the career ambitions of Expat Partners in the Spiegel, Link: “When the career ends with the age of 27…” (click here to access). Interestingly enough those have been even more prejudiced than the article itself…
Link: http://www.sharethelove.blog/career/spoiltexpat/

here we are global – an amazing tribe of global nomads

Listen to Tandem Nomads’ Episode 120 in which Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, the founder of Here we are global shares her inspiring story and insights on how to build an amazing tribe of global nomads.

Never underestimate the power of community for your personal development and your business growth!

VIE LESA is proud to be Here we are global’s Focal Point for Austria and to bring the HWA spirit to Vienna!

“If you have an idea, start somewhere. Don’t wait to have all the answers!”

Link: https://tandemnomads.com/tn120-creating-impact-with-a-social-business-and-a-global-tribe-with-jannie-aasted-skov-hansen/

PS: We are also honored to be mentioned in the podcast – thanks Jannie and Amel 🙂

Diplomatic spouses of the world, unite! via The Lonely Diplomat

“Diplomatic spouses of the world, unite!” continues the conversation started by The Lonely Diplomat about how diplomats, their significant others and families balance this all-consuming job and their wish to be human and have human Connections from the perspective of a diplomatic spouse, Georgie.

If you don’t know Georgie, you certainly know the type of person she is. Everyone needs a Georgie in their lives to call them forward when they’re not living up to their potential. Every diplomatic mission either needs, or has, a Georgie in their community – be they a posted diplomat or a spouse. The Georgies of the world – and this Georgie, in particular – are those who muck in, do what needs doing and make sure that everyone is well looked after. Diplomatic missions can run on the goodwill of these diplomatic spouses who do what needs to be done to get it done.

This is Georgie’s story. In Georgie’s words.

Link: https://www.thelonelydiplomat.com/single-post/20190217/Diplomatic-spouses-of-the-world-unite 

Let’s look after all of the Georgies in our lives!

Happy New Year / Globetrotting Pathfinding journey / A GLÜCKs Story

2019 is just around the corner and I have to admit, I am getting a bit sentimental as the *plan for the new year holds re-settling back “home” in Austria for us (*plans might change as we all know ;-)).

At the same time, I am excited and can’t wait for our globetrotting pathfinding journey “to be continued” home/abroad and am happy to share my story as we go along. And I also hope that my “pratice what you preach” moment will encourage many other expat partners to share their stories and thoughts with us! Drop us a line at office@vie-lesa.org

UPDATE: Exciting news! My GLÜCKs Story has been selected for inclusion in Life on the Move by Canadian Expat Mom. The book will be released in June 2019!

Creating a Network Beyond Borders

We are excited to be featured in Network Beyond Borders‘ Christmas Newsletter, link: https://bit.ly/2V3Q5uW

For all of you, you have not done so yet, check out this amazing community-centered hub for expat women around the world, link: https://www.networkbeyondborders.com/ and our VIE LESA entry: https://www.networkbeyondborders.com/austria/vienna/expat-transition-support/vie-lesa–vienna-local-expat-spouse-association- 

Why are trailing spouses’ challenges such a big deal? via Amel Derragui

What are the real challanges that expat partners /(“trailing spouses”) have to deal with in relocation? What are the solutions that could help them? Should companies invest more in supporting them? What kind of studies exist on the topic?