“Leading Expat Women on Assignment”/ Interview with Gertraud Eregger

VIE LESA has started its initiative “VIE Speak Up” to tackle the challenges of Dual Career(s) in Vienna. We invite expat partners and stakeholders in Austria and abroad to share their experience(s) and Expertise to create a vibrant buzz for the spousal talent out there. Interested? Drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org!

This time, we are excited to be talking to Gertraud Eregger, an international HR professional and coach. Austrian by birth, she has lived and worked in Africa and currently in Jamaica. Gertraud is a true expert in international recruitment, talent acquisition, executive search and Transition coaching. Her coaching business ‘Leading Expat Women on Assignment’ is all about co-supporting Rockstar expat women on assignment to keep their energy levels loaded and consciously slow down, so they will fast-track success and create the impact of a powerful time abroad. www.gertrauderegger.com 

VIE LESA: Thank you Gertraud for taking the time and sharing your story and insights with VIE LESA! Tell us a bit more about why and how you started you business. What kind of support did you receive, personal, organizational? What was your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?  

Gertraud Eregger: During our assignments abroad I was so inspired by many women I’ve met and worked with, so I felt a need to support these high achieving expat women on their mission and help them discover how they can maximize their impact, have more time and more energy. My biggest driver: only 25% of expats sent abroad are women – so I am very passionate to collaborate with organizations to re-write this narrative, and see many more women lead, inspire and create impact on a global scale.

Expat insight: German lessons, language schools and teaching style in Vienna

Blog: Guide on German language schools and teaching style in Vienna – German lessons / An expat insight

There is a galore of German classes available In Vienna, short-term, long-term, intensive language courses, private German lessons, group lessons, you name it, they have it.

Vienna receives a constant influx of foreign students, expats and immigrants (in theory immigrants move to permanently settle in a country, whereas expats do not, but in reality, the line is blurred). Though I do believe it is relatively simple to exist in Vienna without speaking German I definitely recommend learning at least some of the language if you are staying for longer. There are plenty of german lessons in Vienna classes options. This is my experience with German lessons Vienna, what I wished I had known before, what to expect so you can move forward better informed.

Continue reading about her insight, published on Mindul Feet:
Link: https://mindfulfeet.com/german-lessons-vienna/


Emotional Rollercoaster / Instahelp

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Emotional rollercoaster?! Feeling alone or overwhelmed in your new home? The lack of a social network abroad is taking a toll on you?

Life as an expart partner comes with many challenges. But often we do not dare to talk about them and try to deal and overcome them, all by ourselves.

High noon to change that! Vienna Local Expatriate Spouse Association is happy to announce that Instahelp has created a link especially for Expat Partners (professional, anonymous, data protected) where you can reach out for help during challenging times. Sometimes it only takes one conversation to feel better…

Link: https://instahelp.me/expats/

PS: Those last couple of weeks have been quite crazy for us at VIE LESA. While our co-founder Sandra has just repatriated from Belgium to Upper Austria, our initiator Verena has been offered a great job opportunity in Brussels which she will start in early October.

Expat Partner Career Planning: Hope & Disillusion / Share the Love Blog

Share the Love Blog recently stumbled upon a recent academic paper about Dual-Career Planning in expatriation. The paper “Expatriated dual-career partners: hope and disillusionment” by Agnieszka Kierner illustrates how hope vanishes when career goals are not met during an international assignment.

Click here to deep dive into the paper right away or read Share the Love Blog’s summary and point of view on it – link: http://www.sharethelove.blog/career/dualcareer/

Dual Career in Academia / Interview with Hilde Janssens (IST)

VIE LESA has started its initiative “VIE Speak Up” to tackle the challenges of Dual Career(s) in Vienna. We invite expat partners and stakeholders in Austria and abroad to share their experience(s) and Expertise to create a Vibrant buzz for the spousal talent out there. Interested? Drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org!

This time, we are excited to be talking to Hilde Janssens, Good Practice Officer. She is responsible for Diversity & Inclusion, Gender & Diversity and Family Services at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria (IST Austria, Link: https://ist.ac.at/).  Belgian by origin, Hilde has been living in Austria (country number 7 in her professional career) with her Swiss husband and their two kids (12 and 15 years old) since summer 2015.

showing flags of countries where Hilde lived
Hilde Janssens_MyMobility

On being a male diplomatic spouse via The Lonely Diplomat

Simon writes in his blog ‘On being a male diplomatic spouse‘ of the challenges that come with it, the loss of identity that men can experience from not being someone with a job, making friends as a male spouse and how the diplomatic community’s attitudes to male spouses have changed – and are changing and have not changed fast enough – over the past decades.

Thank you to The Lonely Diplomat  for having started a conversation about how diplomats, their significant others and families balance this all-consuming job and their wish to be human and have human connections.

Link: https://www.thelonelydiplomat.com/single-post/20190217/Diplomatic-spouses-of-the-world-unite 

Interested in reading more thoughts from a male spouse? Click here to access, link: https://vie-lesa.org/male-spouse

The spoilt expat spouse / Share the Love Blog

Share the Love Blog wondered why it is so hard to change the image of the expat spouse. What can be done to become more recognized as what we are: amazing, brave, solution-orented globe trotters with a wide skillset?

“The definition of a successful career is way outdated and it is time to get rid of some tiring misunderstandings about expat spouses.” 

A beautiful, spot-on opinion piece on Share the Love Blog triggered by the comments below a German newspaper article about the career ambitions of Expat Partners in the Spiegel, Link: “When the career ends with the age of 27…” (click here to access). Interestingly enough those have been even more prejudiced than the article itself…
Link: http://www.sharethelove.blog/career/spoiltexpat/

HR Sandbox goes Vienna

We are super excited! Hosted in the recently opened Talent Garden Vienna, VIE LESA co-facilitated a great kick-off of HR Sandbox goes Vienna on 29 May 2019.

HR Sandbox goes Vienna
HR Sandbox goes Vienna

HR Sandbox is a new, invitation-only HR format which was successfully introduced by here we are  in Copenhagen. It offers an experimental and experiential (hands-on) space for considering, exploring, discussing, developing and sharing alternative approaches, innovative possibilities and best practices for today’s diverse, flexible, mobile, “portable” and digital talents.

In line with VIE LESA’s vision of connecting like-minded spirits, we gathered a dozen stakeholders – from academia, international organisations, HR professionals and reps from other topic-related associations – around one table (set up in form of a sandbox) to  *co-develop fresh, creative perspectives *co-create new, practical solutions for (Global) Dual Career(s) and Talent Management in Austria.

It was inspiring to see that everyone participating was open to share their expertise, insights, best practice, pain points etc. and interested in co-creating (even more) opportunities / turning dual career challenges into opportunities.

After 1.5hrs of intense brainstorming, we agreed this advocacy type of event should become a regular one to contribute writing a new dual career narrative in Vienna/Austria. And Talent Garden’s tables branded CHANGE – INNOVATE – SHARE – PROGRESS were perfect to capture the essence of the “outcome”.

To be continued….

Are you a stakeholder for Dual Career(s) in Vienna/Austria and interested in joining the next “HR Sandbox goes Vienna” here we are global for our next invitation-only HR event? Drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org

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here we are global – an amazing tribe of global nomads

Listen to Tandem Nomads’ Episode 120 in which Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, the founder of Here we are global shares her inspiring story and insights on how to build an amazing tribe of global nomads.

Never underestimate the power of community for your personal development and your business growth!

VIE LESA is proud to be Here we are global’s Focal Point for Austria and to bring the HWA spirit to Vienna!

“If you have an idea, start somewhere. Don’t wait to have all the answers!”

Link: https://tandemnomads.com/tn120-creating-impact-with-a-social-business-and-a-global-tribe-with-jannie-aasted-skov-hansen/

PS: We are also honored to be mentioned in the podcast – thanks Jannie and Amel 🙂