“Leading Expat Women on Assignment”/ Interview with Gertraud Eregger

VIE LESA has started its initiative “VIE Speak Up” to tackle the challenges of Dual Career(s) in Vienna. We invite expat partners and stakeholders in Austria and abroad to share their experience(s) and Expertise to create a vibrant buzz for the spousal talent out there. Interested? Drop us a line to office@vie-lesa.org!

This time, we are excited to be talking to Gertraud Eregger, an international HR professional and coach. Austrian by birth, she has lived and worked in Africa and currently in Jamaica. Gertraud is a true expert in international recruitment, talent acquisition, executive search and Transition coaching. Her coaching business ‘Leading Expat Women on Assignment’ is all about co-supporting Rockstar expat women on assignment to keep their energy levels loaded and consciously slow down, so they will fast-track success and create the impact of a powerful time abroad. www.gertrauderegger.com 

VIE LESA: Thank you Gertraud for taking the time and sharing your story and insights with VIE LESA! Tell us a bit more about why and how you started you business. What kind of support did you receive, personal, organizational? What was your biggest challenge so far and how did you overcome it?  

Gertraud Eregger: During our assignments abroad I was so inspired by many women I’ve met and worked with, so I felt a need to support these high achieving expat women on their mission and help them discover how they can maximize their impact, have more time and more energy. My biggest driver: only 25% of expats sent abroad are women – so I am very passionate to collaborate with organizations to re-write this narrative, and see many more women lead, inspire and create impact on a global scale.

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