How Relocating Spouses Really Feel About Life Abroad / Expat Insider 2018 | Business Edition

“The relocating spouse is a key part of the expat family structure and an important figure for employers to consider when offering relocation support. The Expat Insider Business Edition, a global report based on the Expat Insider survey of 18,135 respondents, zoomed in and discovered how they really experience life abroad.”

Want to know how relocating spouses really feel about life abroad – click on the following link to find out more

At the bottom of this link, you can also download the full report of the Expat Insider 2018  Business Edition survey report, published by InterNations Business Solutions (pdf).

5 Top Global Talent Mobility Learnings of 2018 by InterNations Business Solutions

For us a must read about the key global mobility and international talent acquisition learnings of 2018 by the InterNations Business Solutions Consulting Team, link:
PS:  Follow this link to download the full report of the Expat Insider 2018  Business Edition survey report, published by InterNations Business Solutions (pdf).

“Fab article summing up the key enabler for successful expat assignments:
…The adjustment process for the spouses of foreign assignees can be incredibly challenging as they are left to navigate the uncharted waters of their new home. Having access to a social network to adjust to their new life is key. Research has shown that the unhappiness of the spouse can negatively impact the overall happiness of the family unit. Ultimately, employee productivity can be affected and, worst-case, it can lead to assignment failure. Considering the cost that goes into relocation, organizations choosing to support social networking for relocating spouses can expect improved job performance and more successful assignments.”
(Verena Heingärtner, VIE LESA Co-Founder)

Happy New Year / Globetrotting Pathfinding journey / A GLÜCKs Story

2019 is just around the corner and I have to admit, I am getting a bit sentimental as the *plan for the new year holds re-settling back “home” in Austria for us (*plans might change as we all know ;-)).

At the same time, I am excited and can’t wait for our globetrotting pathfinding journey “to be continued” home/abroad and am happy to share my story as we go along. And I also hope that my “pratice what you preach” moment will encourage many other expat partners to share their stories and thoughts with us! Drop us a line at

UPDATE: Exciting news! My GLÜCKs Story has been selected for inclusion in Life on the Move by Canadian Expat Mom. The book will be released in June 2019!

Creating a Network Beyond Borders

We are excited to be featured in Network Beyond Borders‘ Christmas Newsletter, link:

For all of you, you have not done so yet, check out this amazing community-centered hub for expat women around the world, link: and our VIE LESA entry:–vienna-local-expat-spouse-association- 

VIE LESA / Happy 365 / One year ago

After an intense phase of preparation, one year ago today (17/11/2017), VIE LESA‘s Giant Ferris Wheel has officially started turning and it has been an amazing ride so far!

We are very thankful for 12 months full of “Ups” but also some very valuable “Downs”. It is  those challenging moments which we sometimes learn the most from! We do not want to miss a single one!

We are very proud to….

Portable Career / Dual Career by Verena Heingärtner

Verena Heingärtner, initiator and co-founder of VIE LESA, recently had the pleasure to be invited to PWN Vienna’s Linkup & Learn on “Portable Careers”.

Together with other inspiring women on the panel – Martina Koja (Language Teacher), Nora Szücs (Researcher and Lecturer Vienna University of Business and Economics), Victoria Williams (Vice President and General Manager GlaxoSmithKline), Amel Derragui (Business & Marketing Coach, Speaker, Founder of Tandem Nomads Tandem Nomads) – she had a lively discussion on the broad topic of career and expatriation and the role of the so called “trailing spouse”.

This inspiring evening and the questions she was asked, made her recap why it is so important to speak up for Dual Careers in Vienna/Austria….

Female Presidents: Verena Heingärtner, VIE LESA with Claudia Cordie, PWN Vienna

Voices from around the world! via Tandem Nomads (Podcast 100)

VIE LESA is featured in Tandem Nomads* 100th podcast Episode *. (For all of you who do not know Tandem Nomads yet – it is an amazing podcast show and platform designed to turn expat and military partners’ dual career challenges into great opportunities!)

To hear more about Sandra Glück-Taglieber’s, Co-President of VIE LESA, (33:20) journey on the move, the lessonss she has learned in the past year and some of her milestones and other amazing stories from all corners of the world, click here to listen:


Excited to be teaming up with Here we are global

It only took few minutes over the phone for Jannie Aasted Skov-Hansen, Founder of Here we are global, and Verena Heingärtner, President of VIE LESA, to see that both networks share a similar mission. To inspire, support and connect global professionals on opportunities related to dual careers, career transition and social impact.


…expat spouse, trailing partner, accompanying person, dependant, wife of…

You name it – there are a lot of labels out there to define who we are (expected to be) in this new role. Most of these terms – never heard of before, but that’s just one of the new things we learned when going abroad.