Why Speak Up? Inspired by Peaceful Mind and Peaceful Life

We decided to start VIE Speak Up when we read the following blog post from Michelle Maros, Peaceful Mind and Peaceful Life https://peacefulmindpeacefullife.org/

The idea that started Tandem Nomads via Amel Derragui

VIE LESA loves Amel Derragui‘s story, which is truly inspiring! 

Amel is a business and marketing coach, speaker and founder of Tandem Nomads, a podcast show and platform designed to turn expat and military partners’ dual career challenges into great opportunities,

The Expat Wife and the Career Breakdown via Making here Home

…and then we moved and I was no longer a “career woman”. I had hoped to continue my job from Bangkok, but that didn’t work out. Forget “culture shock”. For me, the biggest shock was this: I didn’t have a job anymore. Work was always a big presence in my life – it was a part of who I was. And suddenly, it wasn’t. It was like losing a part of the jigsaw puzzle that made me.”

Click here to read the very touching post of Making here Home.

Thoughts on VIE LESA by a male spouse by David Adams

For six years, I was the male spouse of a foreign Government Representative at a UN agency in Canada. The agency had a spouses group and without thinking to much about it, I started to participate in the group’s activities. I was quickly surprised by a number of realities. Firstly, I was the only male that regularly turned up, even though there were three or four other male spouses at the agency.


Here’s some good arguments to explain WHY VIE LESA benefits everybody and especially your company whether you’re the HR professional responsible for the expat package, whether your the assigned employee trying to sell it to your family/partner because you really want that job abroad, whether your the boss/manager who wants to get the best candidate…

Why are trailing spouses’ challenges such a big deal? via Amel Derragui

What are the real challanges that expat partners /(“trailing spouses”) have to deal with in relocation? What are the solutions that could help them? Should companies invest more in supporting them? What kind of studies exist on the topic?