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There is a wealth of information out there, covering different aspects and questions around living and working in Vienna/Austria. Our aim is to save you time and frustration and to navigate you through what has been carefully researched by partners, experts and spouses who “have been there, done that”. At the same time, we are very much aware, that there is no “one size fits all” and each and every set up is different and comes with various challenges . Don’t be shy to drop us a line about yours

A great start is the Welcome to Vienna! A Guide for Expats by Vienna Business Agency – Vienna Expat Center with a lot of relevant info, also for expat spouses, available as pdf-download at:

Another great overview of “What to expect when relocating to Austria” is provided by Vienna Residence and can be accessed via the Link:

Vienna Business Agency – Vienna Expat Center also serves as the central point of contact for professionals and executives relocating to Vienna. An international team provides individual advice, free of charge and in multiple languages. Link:
Do you want to start a business in Austria? Then we recommend checking out the following links: Women Enterprise Service and Migrant Enterprises
If you are planning to establish a branch office in Vienna, visit

The City of Vienna also compiles an annual booklet “Vienna in Figures” (24 pages, 8 chapters) providing an overview of various aspects of life in Vienna. Click here to download the pdf.

Another point of contact is the Vienna Service Office which offers free information and brochures on topics such as -> Infrastructure -> Cultural Events -> Sports and leisure as well as individual assistance in matters of everyday life, such as ->Contacts with authorities ->Daily life in Vienna -> Consumer protection. Link: 

A comprehensive overview on Living & Working in Austria / The European Job Network is provided by the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) – click here to download the report (pdf, 74 pages):

EURAXESS is a platform for researchers, entrepreneurs, universities and businesses to interact with each other. Packed with information, EURAXESS covers mobility issues for researchers and entrepreneurs, allows universities and businesses to find the right talent, and connects people, projects and funding. All services of the EURAXESS Network are free of charge.

The Dual Career Service Support (click here to access the DCSS) network of Vienna’s Science and Technology Fund offers job search support to partners of newly appointed professors (please note, professors only).

Also, the Career Grants from the Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology (BMVIT) assist researchers from abroad in starting and/or continuing their career in Austria whereas the Dual Career Grants provide support with the professional integration of their partners.

Another great website featuring Survival Guides for Health, Housing and Education in Austria is Metropole, link:

If you are re-building your life and career in Vienna/Austria, you will probably also need a place to live. Find out more about finding your perfect home  and stay tuned about Job Opportunities in Vienna/Austria by visiting our Jobboard

Also, one of our VIE LESA members shared her insight on German lessons, language schools and teaching style in Vienna – click here to read her opinion piece what to expect and how to thrive faster in this challenging language. Link:

And at times, it is just nice to discover & enjoy your new “home abroad” as a “tourist” – check out these “Apps for your Holidays in Austria” listed on the Austrian National Tourist Office’s Website.

The Austrian Startup Monitor 2018 is the first comprehensive study about the status, perspectives, and eco-system of startups in Austria. Watch the big presentation of the results, download the full report (currently only in German) or check out the key facts online at

Let us know which links/initiatives/organisations you find helpful in rebuilding your life in Vienna/Austria – drop us a line at