VIE LESA is a voice for Expat Partners in Vienna/Austria – together we will be heard! Let’s communicate our challenges, share what we might have gone through, advocate for Dual Career(s)!

We need your voice to be heard – get in touch with us!

At VIE LESA we aim to provide the

SPOUSAL SUPPORT needed to turn an expat assignment into a lasting success and make it work for all key stakeholders

CREATE A ONE-STOP-PLATFORM & OVERVIEW for all information needed by an expat spouse to re-build their life and *career* in Vienna/Austria

ORGANIZE WORKSHOPS on various topics to provide orientation, experience sharing and networking opportunities for expat spouses with a special focus on *career* guidance

PROVIDE PERSONALIZED SERVICES & TAILORED COACHING (pre-assignment and sur place) to accompanying partners to help them re-build their life and *career* in Vienna

ESTABLISH A NETWORK of like-minded spouses, gaining insight and sharing  experiences as an expat partner living in Vienna/Austria