Workshop Programme

In cooperation with experienced trainers, expat (spouse) coaches and psychologists, VIE LESA has designed a workshop /cycle /programme for expat spouses.

Each journey and the challenges that come with it are highly individual, yet there are great opportunities to learn from each other and share our experiences. Thus, we have designed a programme which contains a tailored mix of individual „sessions“ (online testing, one-on-one coaching, worksheets …), expert talks („matching dreams with reality“) and group training.

Download Workshop_Get the wheel turning_Jan2018 (PDF-link)

Costs: VIE LESA as a non-profit organisation will provide the platform to promote the workshop cycle, organise time and venue (if applicable), and also collect feedback from participants to ensure its quality standards. The „sessions“ itself will be offered through carefully selected service providers. Any fees are to be agreed on between and paid directly from the participant to the service provider. VIE LESA members get a 10% discount on each paid „session“.

After completion of the programme, VIE LESA is happy to welcome you to a VIE LESA „Alumni“ group to continue exchanging ideas, sharing success stories, motivating each other, learning from each other and benefit from “bonus”-networking.

….and what is my first/next step?
Simply send us an email to to start your journey!