Your Benefits

VIE LESA is set up as a non-profit association FROM expat spouses FOR expat spouses. Our Mission: See the spousal talents out there thrive!

Wondering whether it is worth joining VIE LESA? VIE LESA provides a platform for tailored services focusing on *career* guidance for expat spouses, offered by carefully selected experts and service partners.

Check out our “Your Benefits” section to find out in detail what you get* for an annual VIE LESA membership fee (01-12/2018) of EUR 60.

Please keep in mind: VIE LESA is a non-profit organisation, your membership contribution will also help us to cover administrative costs and to build our Vision.

We look forward to welcoming you on board!

*PS: And last but not least a promise: We are constantly adding to the benfits section, so you will get even more…